Genome-wide profiling of the C. elegans dsRNAome

Recent studies hint that endogenous dsRNA plays an unexpected role in cellular signaling. However, a complete understanding of endogenous dsRNA signaling is hindered by an incomplete annotation of dsRNA-producing genes.

To identify dsRNAs expressed in Caenorhabditis elegans, researchers at the University of Utah developed a bioinformatics pipeline that identifies dsRNA by detecting clustered RNA editing sites, which are strictly limited to long dsRNA substrates of Adenosine Deaminases that act on RNA (ADAR). They compared two alignment algorithms for mapping both unique and repetitive reads and detected as many as 664 editing-enriched regions (EERs) indicative of dsRNA loci. EERs are visually enriched on the distal arms of autosomes and are predicted to possess strong internal secondary structures as well as sequence complementarity with other EERs, indicative of both intramolecular and intermolecular duplexes. Most EERs were associated with protein-coding genes, with ∼1.7% of all C. elegans mRNAs containing an EER, located primarily in very long introns and in annotated, as well as unannotated, 3′ UTRs. In addition to numerous EERs associated with coding genes, the researchers identified a population of prospective noncoding EERs that were distant from protein-coding genes and that had little or no coding potential. Finally, subsets of EERs are differentially expressed during development as well as during starvation and infection with bacterial or fungal pathogens. By combining RNA-seq with freely available bioinformatics tools, this workflow provides an easily accessible approach for the identification of dsRNAs, and more importantly, a catalog of the C. elegans dsRNAome.


Clustered editing detection pipeline.

Whipple JM, Youssef OA, Aruscavage PJ, Nix DA, Hong C, Johnson WE, Bass BL. (2015) Genome-wide profiling of the C. elegans dsRNAome. RNA [Epub ahead of print]. [article]

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