Genotype Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project Community Meeting


Enhancing the Usage of Human Genomics for the benefit of all

April 20-21, 2017

The GTEx Community meeting is held annually and is open to the scientific community who are interested in learning more about the project and data, or who are already using the data in their research. Prior meetings have been held in the US at the Broad Institute (2014), the University of Chicago (2015) and at Stanford University (2016). This year, for the first time the meeting will be held in Europe, in Barcelona in April, following the completion of the main production phase of GTEx data.  It will aim to congregate a community of scientists from all over the world that are using, or that plan to benefit from using, the GTEx data.

The meeting will highlight sample collection and donor enrollment, current data sets and types available, various tools being developed for these data types, and results from applying them to the data. The relationship of the project to large scale projects and data sets, such as ENCODE, GWAS, BluePrint, FANTOM and other Cancer projects will be highlighted, and strong emphasis will be placed on showcasing a range of scientific presentations that use GTEx data. We encourage your participation and submission of abstracts for talks or posters!

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