German Team Taps RNA-seq to Find Candidate Biomarkers for Detecting Steroid Abuse in Livestock

By Molika Ashford – In Sequence

German researchers have shown that RNA-sequencing can be a potent tool to identify gene expression signatures that can distinguish livestock animals illegally treated with anabolic steroids.

The team, from three German institutions, published a report in Analytical Chemistry this month evaluating RNA-seq as a tool for finding gene expression changes associated with physiological effects of growth-promoting agents.

Using RNA-seq on just a few samples from a breed of heifer, and then profiling additional samples for the most promising candidate biomarkers using RT-qPCR, the researchers were able to precisely distinguish animals treated with anabolic steroids from controls, they reported.

Steriod Abuse

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  • Riedmaier I, Benes V, Blake J, Bretschneider N, Zinser C, Becker C, Meyer HH, Pfaffl MW. (2012) RNA-Sequencing as Useful Screening Tool in the Combat against the Misuse of Anabolic Agents. Anal Chem 84(15), 6863-68. [abstract]