Getting started with RNAseq – Transforming raw reads into biological insights

RNA sequencing (RNAseq) is a powerful technique for investigating gene expression in biological samples. Processing and analysing RNAseq data involves multiple steps to align raw sequence reads to a reference genome, count the number of reads mapped to each gene, and perform statistical analyses to identify differentially expressed genes and functionally annotate them. RNAseq experiments have many different applications as we apply them to a variety of research questions and organisms. This diversity of applications can make it challenging to appreciate all the design considerations, processing requirements, and limitations of RNAseq experiments as they apply to you.

In this webinar, you will gain an understanding of the key considerations for designing and performing your own successful experiments with bulk RNA. We’ll start at the lab bench with RNA extraction, quality control, and library preparation, then move to the sequencing machine where you will make essential decisions about sequencing platforms, optimal sequencing depth, and the importance of replicates. We’ll talk about bioinformatics workflows for RNAseq data processing and the computational requirements of transforming raw sequencing reads to analysis-ready count data. Finally, we’ll discuss how to apply differential expression and functional enrichment analyses to gain biological insights from differentially expressed genes.

Dr Nandan Deshpande, Senior Research Bioinformatician, Sydney Informatics Hub

Who the webinar is for:

This webinar is targeted towards those interested in applying RNAseq datasets to their research questions and who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the design considerations, processing requirements and limitations of RNAseq experiments.

This webinar was recorded on 06 September 2023

The slides from this webinar are available on Zenodo.

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