High-throughput minitaturized RNA-Seq library preparation

Advances in next-generation sequencing technologies have allowed RNA sequencing to become an increasingly time efficient, cost-effective, and accessible tool for genomic research. MIT researchers present an automated and miniaturized workflow for RNA library preparation that minimizes reagent usage and processing time required per sample to generate Illumina compatible libraries for sequencing. The reduced-volume libraries show similar behavior to full-scale libraries with comparable numbers of genes detected and reproducible clustering of samples.

Automated library preparation workflow

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Workflow of the automated, miniaturized RNA library preparation protocol including both RNA isolation methods, which converge at RNA fragmentation and processed identically thereafter. Reduction in reaction size is listed for each distinct phase of the library preparation process.

Mildrum S, Hendricks A, Stortchevoi A, Kamelamela N, Butty VL, Levine SS. (2020) High-throughput Minitaturized RNA-Seq Library Preparation. J Biomol Tech [Epub ahead of print]. [article]

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