How can we use RNA sequencing to figure out how a drug works?

RNA-Seq is such a powerful tool! In this video I discuss how using the awesome power of RNA sequencing we can narrow down the potential mechanism of a novel drug.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain the challenges associated with elucidating the mechanisms of action of drugs, considering the intricate nature of drug-target interactions and the limitations of current methods.
  • Explain and examine utilizing RNAseq techniques to identify potential mechanisms of action for drugs, utilizing transcriptomic data to uncover gene expression changes and pathways involved.
  • Evaluate the significance of homeostasis in utilizing RNAseq to investigate a drug’s mechanism of action.
  • Exploring how biological systems attempt to maintain equilibrium in the presence of a drug – which by definition perturbs biological processes.
  • Recognize the dual role of homeostasis in regulating inhibited proteins, understanding how it can both upregulate and downregulate the expression and activity of targeted proteins in response to drug treatment.

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