How to link chromatin state to gene expression in same single cell samples, explained in under 5 minutes

Thanks to improvements in NGS technology, the combination of epigenomics and transcriptomics is more accessible than ever. By applying a multiomic approach you can now explore the dynamic relationship between the chromatin landscape and gene expression profiles for key insights into gene regulation.

There are multiple ways to combine epigenomics and transcriptomics, but regardless of which method combination a researcher wants to use, every multiomic experiment follows a similar workflow, making the process easier to follow.

Learn the basics of single cell multiomic workflows in under five minutes in Illumina’s new in-lab video. Topics include:

  • How to isolate single nuclei from cultured cells, tissue, or liquid biopsy samples
  • Strategies for assessing quality of isolated nuclei
  • Foundational concepts for library prep and library prep QC
  • How to calculate sample number
  • Strategies for analysis

Click here to watch the video (youtube link TBD)

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