Human Transcriptome Array Outperforms RNA-Seq


SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug 08, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Affymetrix, Inc. today announced commercialization of the next-generation human transcriptome array demonstrated by Stanford University researchers to be superior to mRNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) in gene expression profiling studies. In multiple experiments using a clinically relevant transcriptome discovered by deep sequencing, the research scientists compared the throughput and performance of both profiling technologies and found the new GeneChip(R) Human Transcriptome and Splice Junction Array outperformed RNA-Seq in most all parameters when detecting exonic changes implicated in human disease and genetic disorders.

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Xu W, Seok J, Mindrinos MN, Schweitzer AC, Jiang H, Wilhelmy J, Clark TA, Kapur K, Xing Y, Faham M, Storey JD, Moldawer LL, Maier RV, Tompkins RG, Wong WH, Davis RW, Xiao W; Inflammation and Host Response to Injury Large-Scale Collaborative Research Program. (2011) Human transcriptome array for high-throughput clinical studies. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108(9), 3707-12. [article]