Integrating transcriptome and genome sequencing

A practical webinar highlighting genetic data integration approaches featuring Dr. Tuuli Lappalainen. Explore the power of genome and transcriptome data integration, expand your understanding of genetic variants, and map future research applications.

In this video you will learn how:

  • Combining genomic data with a cellular phenotype (ie. the transcriptome measured by RNA sequencing) offers detailed characterization of the cellular effects of genetic variants – essential to understanding the biological processes underlying genetic associations to disease.
  • Common expression quantitative trait loci associated to gene expression levels provide powerful tools to understand the genetic architecture of regulatory variation and its role in GWAS associations.
  • Measuring nonsense-mediated decay (NMD) triggered by SNPs and indels enhances understanding and prediction of NMD trigger and escape.

Speaker: Tuuli Lappalainen, PhD
Junior Investigator and Core Member, New York Genome Center
Assistant Professor, Department of Systems Biology,
Columbia University Medical Center, New York

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