International Review of Neurobiology – The Brain Transcriptome

rna-seqThe Brain Transcriptome
International Review of Neurobiology – Volume 116, Pages 2-352 (2014)

Chapter One – Introduction to Sequencing the Brain Transcriptome
Pages 1-19
Robert Hitzemann, Priscila Darakjian, Nikki Walter, Ovidiu Dan Iancu, Robert Searles, Shannon McWeeney

Chapter Two – Analysis Considerations for Utilizing RNA-Seq to Characterize the Brain Transcriptome
Pages 21-54
Christina L. Zheng, Sunita Kawane, Daniel Bottomly, Beth Wilmot

Chapter Three – Data Integration and Reproducibility for High-Throughput Transcriptomics
Pages 55-71
Michael Mooney, Shannon McWeeney

Chapter Four – Coexpression and Cosplicing Network Approaches for the Study of Mammalian Brain Transcriptomes
Pages 73-93
Ovidiu Dan Iancu, Alexandre Colville, Priscila Darakjian, Robert Hitzemann

Chapter Five – Splicing in the Human Brain
Pages 95-125
Ammar Zaghlool, Adam Ameur, Lucia Cavelier, Lars Feuk

Chapter Six – Understanding Complex Transcriptome Dynamics in Schizophrenia and Other Neurological Diseases Using RNA Sequencing
Pages 127-152
Xi Wang, Murray J. Cairns

Chapter Seven – The Central Role of Noncoding RNA in the Brain
Pages 153-194
Boris Guennewig, Antony A. Cooper

Chapter Eight – Genetics of Gene Expression in CNS
Pages 195-231
Ashutosh K. Pandey, Robert W. Williams

Chapter Nine – Transcriptomic Changes in Brain Development
Pages 233-250
Allissa A. Dillman, Mark R. Cookson

Chapter Ten – Gene Expression in the Addicted Brain
Pages 251-273
Zhifeng Zhou, Mary-Anne Enoch, David Goldman

Chapter Eleven – RNA-Seq Reveals Novel Transcriptional Reorganization in Human Alcoholic Brain
Pages 275-300
Sean P. Farris, R. Dayne Mayfield