Internship / Master student in single-cell RNA-seq-based expression visualization

The Position

Pharmaceutical Sciences (PS) is a global function within Roche Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED). As a team member in the Predictive Modeling and Data Analytics (PMDA) chapter of PS, you will develop and use state-of-the-art data analysis and visualization methods to extract and share single-cell RNA-seq derived gene expression patterns across organisms, tissues, and disease areas of interest; for instance across safety-relevant organs and species, solid tumor indications, or distinct brain regions. You will support scientists of various fields including multiple disease areas, biomarker, toxicology, modeling, or bioinformatics specialists to make better use of internally and externally available single-cell RNA-seq resources by developing tailor-made gene expression reports. You will collaborate with interdisciplinary teams across pRED, and will help us contribute to our prime responsibility of developing safe and efficacious drugs.

We are looking for individuals who:

  • Are creative problem solvers, quick learners and comfortable experimenting with new approaches
  • Demonstrate high productivity and enjoy dealing with ambiguity and applying novel methodologies
  • Possess entrepreneurship, passion and curiosity for understanding and interrogating complex data

In this position you will: 

  • Develop gene expression report templates and user interfaces based on single-cell RNA-seq data, meaningfully grouping, displaying and sharing data in a simple and effective manner
  • Use established internal infrastructure consisting of analysis pipelines, databases, APIs, and web applications as a basis for the development
  • Identify and analyze relevant internal and external single-cell RNA-seq datasets
  • Connect with various stakeholders across pRED to understand their respective needs, adapt and instantiate the interactive application accordingly
  • Participate in presentations and trainings aimed at end users
  • Work in an interdisciplinary environment in close contact with experimental biologists, biostatisticians, and bioinformaticians

The duration of the position is set for 6 months. You will be based in Basel, Switzerland.

Qualifications Required:

You are currently enrolled in a Master’s programme and have a bachelor degree in bioinformatics or a related discipline (e.g. computer science, biomedicine, biological sciences, biostatistics). You have a good understanding of molecular biology and genomics, and are passionate about biological data visualization and knowledge sharing.

You have experience and expertise in the following:

  • Proficiency in programming (preferably Python) and sequencing data analysis (preferably single-cell RNA-seq)
  • Experience with data visualization, management, and REST APIs, preferably also web development using the Angular framework
  • Highly effective verbal and written communication and presentation skills in English
  • Highly collaborative mindset that enjoys working in multidisciplinary and international teams

You have very good interpersonal and communication skills, are able to build good working relationships, and are an outstanding teammate. Your experience and investigative attitude allow you to work independently, to design, perform, and interpret experiments, and to embark on new scientific methodologies.


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