Interview with Jungsoo Park Senior Manager, Marketing and Sales Lexogen – RNA-Seq 2014


Sequencing is opening an array of doors into the transcriptome and Lexogen are holding some of the important keys tothese gateways

Jungsoo Park has decades of experience in the biotech industry with his main focus on genomic technologies. He started his professional career at Samsung Biomedical Research Institute for discovery and validation of disease related SNPs and then moved to Macrogen Inc, one of the largest DNA sequencing companies in the world.

Why do you think RNA-Seq has become such a hot area?

RNA has long been a keen interest of many scientists, especially because of its critical role of genetic information delivery to protein and gene regulation, but the study about it has been limited, and was only possible by somewhat indirect ways. Recent sequencing technologies provided a way that we can look into this tricky molecule in a very straightforward manner. It was the right technology at the right time, and it is no wonder that RNA-Seq has become such a hot area. I’m sure it will get even hotter.

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