Introducing BGI’s Dr. Tom System – An Advanced and Intuitive RNA Data Visualization and Analysis System for Easy and Efficient Research and Discovery

With new technological developments, the number of sequencing applications is continuously expanding, while at the same time sequencing prices are falling. This is resulting in an exponential increase in sequencing data. However, while ‘big data’ brings more possibilities for research, it also brings greater challenges for bioinformatics analysis and data mining.

BGI’s ‘Dr. Tom System’ is a web-based solution for the convenient analysis, visualization and interpretation of all types of RNA data, including small RNA, miRNA and lncRNA.

Using Dr. Tom requires no manual coding experience and the system frees researchers from being reliant on high powered computing infrastructure for their data interrogation needs, or having to utilize multiple different tools and platforms for their data analysis needs.

Designed by a team of expert RNA scientists and bioinformaticians at BGI with collective experience across thousands of RNA based research projects, Dr. Tom provides a wide range of visual analysis tools for KDA, functional enrichment and alternative splicing analysis, including:

  • line charts
  • heatmaps
  • Chi-square tests
  • interaction charts
  • interactive and clustering maps

User feedback has shown that Dr. Tom saves researchers significant time in their differential expression or pathway analysis research.


Fig.1: A) DEGs Cluster Heatmaps; B) Multi-omics Chart; C) Network; D) Relation Net

Dr. Tom also offers sophisticated data table functionality, enabling users to conduct personalized data interrogation and filter genes of interest through user – defined conditions in the table. At the same time, a suite of analysis tools can be applied for extended analysis and data mining.


Fig. 2: Use user-defined conditions to personalise data interrogation and filter genes of interest.

Dr. Tom is equipped with accurate annotation databases of 50 species, each one including all RNA annotation of the species in multiple databases. Powerful search functionality helps users search by any keyword for quick and easy retrieval of information. The system also provides table-chart visualization functionality for speeding up common RNA analysis work, enabling researchers to locate target genes from the chart conveniently and quickly.

Individual ‘gene profiles’ are listed, which include gene sequences, encoded proteins, annotations in multiple databases, multiple interactions and a list of all known published literature that has referenced the gene in question.


Fig. 3: Gene profiles

In addition to general genomic databases and analysis tools, Dr. Tom also includes more application-oriented databases such as TCGA and ARCHS4, which are focused on cancer, tumor and tissue gene expression. These databases also make Dr. Tom useful for conducting basic medical research.

Dr. Tom is already relied upon by hundreds of scientists and researchers across the world, and has shown itself to be a highly valuable analysis tool both saving time and offering new insight. Later this year, the scope of Dr. Tom will expand even further with the addition of more functionality, internationally renowned databases, and the option to analyze epigenetic and proteome data.

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