Introduction to RNA sequencing for beginner researchers

rna-seqThe goal of this book is to introduce readers to the fundamental concepts of RNA-seq experiments and guide them through the process of data analysis. This book covers experimental design, sequencing library, quality control on raw data, alignment of reads to reference genome, read quantification, read count normalization, exploratory data analysis, differential gene expression analysis, and gene set enrichment analysis/pathway analysis.

This book was written by Lara Ozkan, a high school student attending the Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology

The intended audience is students and beginner researchers in computational biology. Since it covers both programming and basic biology, extensive background knowledge is not required. It is a great tool to help introduce wet lab scientists to computational methods. Much more could be said about bioinformatics and RNA-seq, but this book serves as a brief introduction to the entire process, covering the steps of library preparation and sequencing all the way to pathway analysis.

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  1. Great job, Lara! This is an amazing accomplishment, and I respect that you are donating all proceeds. Just ordered a copy!

  2. Very impressive- especially for a high school student

  3. wow…. she has a very bright future ahead of her

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