Introductory Course – The Power of RNA-seq

General info

Date – 05 Jun 2013 – 07 Jun 2013 
Location – Wageningen, the Netherlands
Keywords – RNA-seq, transcriptome, experimental design, statistics, data analysis, mapping, quantification, differential expression, interpretation, pathways
Organiser – Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS, Wageningen UR) & NBIC
Gabino Sanchez-Perez
Edouard Severing
Sandra Smit
Ole Madsen
Elio Schijlen
Harm Nijveen
Patrick Koks
Sandra Smit


The Power of RNA-seq is an introductory course for researchers who want to use RNA-seq in their research project.

The course will focus on questions like:

  • Which questions can be addressed with RNA-seq?
  • How many samples and replicates do I need?
  • Which steps are involved in an RNA-seq experiment?
  • What is Differential Expression?
  • What can go wrong?

This is a 3-day course that will consist of lectures in the morning and extensive hands-on computer practicals in the afternoon. You’ll learn about all aspects of RNA-seq during the morning lectures on NGS & RNA-seq theory, but also the context, applicability, power and expected results of RNA-seq experiments. During the practicals, you’ll learn the basic steps an RNA-seq pipeline consist of, how to interpret your data and to put the results to use in your research project. We’ll use Galaxy, R and webtools for this.


  • experiental design
  • sequencing requirements
  • steps in RNA-seq data analysis (data quality control, transcript identification, quantification, differential  expression, interpretation)

target audience:

Researchers in Life Sciences (‘biologists’) starting with application of NextGen Sequencing & RNA-seq.

  • No previous NGS experience is needed
  • No command line or Linux computer experience is required
  • No R-experience is required

For more information, contact Patrick Koks