Is your recent NGS run something to cheer about?


Ever been sitting at your computer wondering if your sample sequencing results are ones that you want to cheer about or ones that require a dreaded redo?  One of the greatest challenges in NGS analysis is finding easily interpretable answers to common bioinformatic questions, like how to assess sample quality.

Illumina has an informatics blog at  The blog already includes information about Dragen, a high-speed data analysis system, and information about performing spatial analysis using BaseSpace.  BaseSpace can help you to quickly assess and analyze data, regardless of whether you have a background in bioinformatics.  Plus, posts containing information on how to access and download multiomic demo datasets are coming soon!

If you or one of your collaborators are interested in learning how to determine if a run looks good you should check out this recent post :  It’s dedicated to walking users through data quality analyses using the Base Space sequencing data analysis tool.

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