Kickstart your first Multiomics project – everything you need to know to sequence DNA and RNA in the same sample

In the past, cost and technological restrictions limited the adoption of multiomics. Lower costs paired with advancements in the speed and capabilities of sequencing technologies, like the Illumina NovaSeq™ X and the NEW 25B flow cell, have lowered barriers to access. Now, the combination of genomics and transcriptomics is more accessible than ever, increasing the number of researchers taking advantage of multiomics to achieve insights they may have missed with genomics or transcriptomics alone.

With NovaSeq X and the NEW 25B flow cell, you now have 16 billion more reads compared to the S4 flow cell on NovaSeq 6000.  This means Up to 40 more WGS/WTS samples at 62% lower cost*.


To learn about the step-by-step instructions on how to do a whole genome and transcriptome sequencing workflow, download our NEW eBook on Multiomics Genomics and Transcriptomics.

*Compared to S4 flow cell on NovaSeq 6000, actual sample number and cost may vary due to factors like sample type and quality.

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