Lexogen and Partek collaborate on RNA-Seq data analysis solution for researchers without advanced bioinformatics skills

Partek and Lexogen scientists have joined forces to deliver an easy-to-use analysis pipeline in Partek® Flow® software for data generated by Lexogen’s QuantSeq 3’ Library Prep Kits. QuantSeq is an economical protocol for RNA-Seq gene expression analysis and provides an alternative to microarrays. This pipeline enables Lexogen customers to import raw sequencing files directly into Partek Flow to automate analysis and removes the barrier for those without an advanced bioinformatics background.

Scientists at Lexogen and Partek collaborated closely to create the pipeline. The pipeline includes removal of poly-A tails and sequencing adaptors, trimming reads based on quality, aligning reads to any reference genome using the STAR aligner, and mapping reads to any public or custom transcriptome database. Users can then use the comprehensive statistics and interactive visualizations within Partek Flow to explore and interpret the biological implications of the data.

“Partek Flow is an NGS data analysis software known to researchers in this area. We are pleased to announce that a QuantSeq data analysis pipeline for differential gene expression analysis is now available to all Partek Flow users,” said Dalia Daujotyte, Head of Business Development at Lexogen.

When asked about the pipeline, DJ Meyer, Vice President of Sales at Partek said, “We are excited to offer a start-to-finish analysis pipeline for Lexogen QuantSeq customers in Partek Flow. With the strength of Lexogen’s expression profiling and the ease-of-use of Partek Flow, scientists can now perform rigorous bioinformatics analysis of QuantSeq data without the assistance of an informatics team.” Meyer also said, “Partek is looking forward to further successful collaborations with Lexogen scientists.”

There will be a webinar on December 14th where scientists from Partek and Lexogen will demonstrate the pipeline and conduct a live question and answer session. Details can be found here.

To use the Lexogen QuantSeq analysis pipeline, users must first have an active license or trial of Partek Flow software.

Source – BusinessWire

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