Lexogen Announces Research Award – Controlling RNA-Seq Experiments Using SIRVs

Sequencing has become one of the most powerful tools in state of the art research projects. Lexogen is dedicated to the development of innovative technologies that empower next generation sequencing (NGS). As much as we care about innovations, we also believe that it is important to give all scientists the opportunity to benefit from our technologies.

With the Lexogen Research Award we wish to provide a chance for researchers to utilize NGS technologies in their upcoming projects.

We started our first Research Award “Expression Profiling by Sequencing” last spring which was very successful and received an extremely high number of applications with interesting project proposals. Out of these, three winners were selected. This September we are very happy to launch the second Research Award and look forward to your application.

We ask you to submit a project proposal that involves NGS and Lexogen’s Spike-in RNA Variant Control Mixes (SIRVs) before November 21, 2016. The three selected winners shall be given one set of SIRVs together with one sequencing run (1 lane of Illumina HiSeq 2500 with 2×125 bp reads).

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