Lexogen Introduces New Sets of RNA-Seq Controls

Lexogen’s has expanded their offering of Spike-In RNA Variant Controls (SIRVs) with the addition of two new sets.

The external RNA controls are now available in three distinct SIRV sets, catering for complex RNA-Seq validation projects as well as for cost-sensitive applications.

SIRV-Set 1 continues the previously available controls set-up, which has been already widely utilized. It consists of the SIRV Isoform Mixes E0, E1, and E2 each containing 69 isoform transcripts mapping to 7 genes at concentration differences ranging from equimolar to 128-fold.

New SIRV-Set 2

  • Consists of SIRV Isoform Mix E0, which contains 69 isoforms at equimolar concentrations
  • Ideal to assess platforms with high and low read-depth for accuracy and precision of isoform detection
  • Cost-efficient pricing (starting from USD 0.29 for spiking a 100 ng total RNA sample)
  • Designed to be broadly applicable for determining concordance between data sets from any RNA-Seq experiment

New SIRV-Set 3

  • Consists of SIRV Isoform Mix E0 combined with single-isoform ERCC transcripts covering concentrations of 6 orders of magnitude
  • For the efficient evaluation of isoform-specific workflows as well as the assessment of dynamic range, dose response, strandedness, and lower limit of detection
  • Compatible with low and high read-depth setups and can be used to determine experiment concordance by thoroughly assessing the comparability of data sets

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