Lexogen Unveils LUTHOR High-Definition Single Cell 3′ mRNA-Seq Kit, Revolutionizing Single-Cell RNA Sequencing

Lexogen, a pioneer in the field of genomics and transcriptomics, is proud to introduce the groundbreaking LUTHOR High-Definition Single Cell 3′ mRNA-Seq Kit, a game-changing innovation that sets new standards in single-cell RNA sequencing.

LUTHOR HD is a cutting-edge protocol that opens the doors to the world of High-Definition Single-Cell RNA sequencing. Unlike traditional methods, LUTHOR HD can detect even a single gene copy within a cell, enabling researchers to unravel the complete transcriptome of each cell, typically capturing 95% of expressed genes at a 1 million read depth.

The key to LUTHOR HD’s exceptional sensitivity lies in its innovative THOR (T7 High-resolution Original RNA amplification) technology. By amplifying RNA directly from the original mRNA, rather than from cDNA as in conventional single-cell RNA-Seq protocols, LUTHOR HD overcomes the limitations of low-copy transcripts, making it an indispensable tool for gene expression profiling.

“One of the most significant challenges in single-cell RNA sequencing has been the detection of low-copy genes, which play crucial roles in cellular function. LUTHOR HD tackles this challenge head-on, enabling researchers to explore the full spectrum of gene expression in single cells,” said Filippo Passardi, Product Manager at Lexogen.

LUTHOR HD eliminates the need for RNA purification, mRNA enrichment, or ribosomal RNA (rRNA) depletion, making it practically insensitive to the presence of genomic DNA. This streamlined approach not only simplifies the workflow but also reduces costs, making it an ideal choice for researchers.

Lexogen’s LUTHOR HD revolutionizes single-cell RNA sequencing, providing researchers with an unprecedented level of sensitivity, simplicity, and cost-efficiency. With its ability to unlock the hidden secrets of single-cell transcriptomes, LUTHOR HD promises to advance our understanding of cellular biology and drive groundbreaking discoveries in genomics.

Together with this product launch, Lexogen is proud to further characterize High-Definition Single-Cell RNA sequencing in November’s edition of Nature Methods. Researchers, scientists, and genomics enthusiasts can access the full Technical Application Note by visiting the Nature website.

For more information about LUTHOR HD and Lexogen’s innovative genomics solutions, please visit Lexogens’s website.

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