Long non-coding RNAs in lung cancer: comparison of microarray and RNA-seq techniques

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Long non-coding RNAs in lungPV Nazarov*, T Kaoma, A Muller, S Fritah, L Vallar

*Corresponding author: PV Nazarov
Genomics Research Unit, CRP-Sante, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

F1000Posters 2013, 4: 1446 (poster) [English]

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Presented at:
Benelux Bioinformatics Conference 2013 , 9 – 10 Dec 2013, P82

Affiliated Society:
Benelux Bioinformatics Conference

Background / Purpose:
We compared two experimental approaches – standard microarray technology and next-generation RNA-seq for the analysis of changes in lncRNA expression profiles in NSCLC cancer tissue samples.
Main conclusion:
Generally speaking, RNA-seq technique outperforms arrays when studying lncRNAs. Cufflinks status should be taken into account together with counts or FPKM values in order to avoid misinterpreting the results.
Next steps:
Correlation between co-localized lncRNAs and mRNAs should be further investigated.
No relevant competing interests disclosed.
Luxembourg FNR CORE grant, ASTSTRO