Machine completes a comparable RNA-Seq analysis in a fraction of the time required by a team of bioinformaticians

Researchers from the New York Genome Center and the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center analyzed tumor DNA by a commercial targeted panel. In addition, they analyzed tumor-normal DNA by whole-genome sequencing (WGS) and tumor RNA by RNA sequencing (RNA-seq). The WGS and RNA-seq data were analyzed by a team of bioinformaticians and cancer oncologists, and separately by IBM Watson Genomic Analytics (WGA), an automated system for prioritizing somatic variants and identifying drugs.

More variants were identified by WGS/RNA analysis than by targeted panels. WGA completed a comparable analysis in a fraction of the time required by the human analysts.

The development of an effective human-machine interface in the analysis of deep cancer genomic datasets may provide potentially clinically actionable calls for individual patients in a more timely and efficient manner than currently possible.

Wrzeszczynski KO et al. (2017) Comparing sequencing assays and human-machine analyses in actionable genomics for glioblastoma. Neurol Genet 3(4):e164. [article]

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