Maverix Announces “MAGIX” Grant Program to Accelerate Gene Expression Research Using RNA-Seq

SAN MATEO, CA November 3, 2015: Maverix Biomics, Inc., a leading genomic analysis software company, today announced a grant program designed to foster the rapid adoption and acceleration of gene expression research using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). The Maverix Analytic Grants for Innovative eXecution (MAGIX) program will award up to 10 life science researchers each quarter beginning December 2015.

The launch of MAGIX comes on the heels of Maverix releasing its RNA-Seq 3.0 analysis kit for differential gene expression in eukaryotes. The kit is offered through the Maverix Analytic Platform, which is a cloud-based genomic analysis solution that leverages peer-reviewed algorithms and applications to advance scientific discovery from next-generation sequencing efforts.

MAGIX grants eliminate the economic barrier for researchers to analyze, store, explore, and visualize NGS gene expression data using the state-of-the-art platform without the IT and bioinformatics investment.

“Researchers need an affordable, fast, accurate and easy-to-use solution that will streamline gene expression analysis via RNA-Seq,” said Tom Kent, President of Maverix Biomics. “We believe this program will enable scientists to accelerate their research and begin to decipher the results that will ultimately translate to meaningful biological discoveries.”

Entries will be reviewed and selected by scientists at Maverix. Grant recipients will receive free usage of the RNA-Seq analysis kit on the Maverix Analytic Platform for up to 12 samples, with preferred pricing for additional samples. To apply for the MAGIX grant program, researchers should submit an application with a grant proposal at

Key new features of the RNA-Seq 3.0 analysis kit include multiple differential expression analysis tools (Cufflinks, DESeq, and edgeR) with the existing choice of two splice-aware read aligners (TopHat2 and STAR), optimizations for large-scale projects, a Quality Inspector tool for evaluating sequencing quality and mapping statistics, and visual result presentations such as PCA plots and clustered heatmaps in addition to the interactive heatmaps that link to a private version of the UCSC Genome Browser. And, the new “1-2-3-Launch” user experience, unique to Maverix analysis kits, makes it very simple for scientists, even without bioinformatics expertise, to perform complex genomic data analyses, and obtain meaningful results.

About the Maverix Analytic Platform

The Maverix Analytic Platform is a cloud-based solution designed for use directly by life sciences researchers who may not have software or bioinformatics expertise. It leverages proven open-source algorithms and applications developed at leading academic and research centers. After loading sequence data from any organism (human, animal, plant, or microbe), researchers are able to immediately perform analyses with reliable, scientifically vetted configurations, as cited in peer-reviewed journal publications. Visualizations are provided through a variety of integrated graphical tools, including a private, secure version of the UCSC Genome Browser, the world’s most widely used genome browser.

About Maverix Biomics

Based in San Mateo, CA and backed by leading venture capital firms and Silicon Valley investors, Maverix Biomics, Inc. provides researchers with a cloud-based platform to manage, analyze, and visualize genomic data, build Communities of Discovery, and place their data in context with the latest public data from the full spectrum of life, including human, plant, animal, or microbial organisms. For more information, visit

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