Maverix Biomics Offers Free Trial of Self-Service RNA-Seq Data Analysis

SAN MATEO – Mar 1, 2016 – Maverix Biomics, a leading Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis software company, today made available a free 30-day trial of the Maverix WAVES RNA-Seq Gene Expression Analysis solution. ( Before today, scientists conducting NGS experiments were often frustrated by lengthy delays – often weeks long – in transforming their NGS datasets into meaningful biological analysis. Now in just hours, scientists can understand their experimental results by immediately accessing the Maverix self-service cloud-delivered NGS data analysis solution.

RNA-Seq has become a valuable technique to gain insights into gene expressions of various conditions and enable advancements in biomarker discovery and translational research, stated Dr. Felice Alessio Bava in the Nolan lab at Stanford University.

The Maverix product makes it easy for life science researchers to directly engage in RNA-Seq data analysis in a self-service model without requiring bioinformatics expertise.

For biologists to use this game-changing Maverix RNA-Seq solution, they only need a web browser and an Internet connection. Scientists can design and run their NGS experiments as usual, and then generate raw sequencing datasets using an Illumina or Thermo Fisher Scientific Ion Torrent NGS platform. These datasets are then analyzed using the Maverix WAVES solution in three simple steps: upload data files, run the analysis, and then view/download results.

Maverix has built a powerful analytics engine which makes it easy for biologists to directly engage in RNA-Seq analysis in a self-service model without requiring bioinformatics expertise, stated Dr. Casey Jowdy, Director of Scientific Projects at Cofactor Genomics. Maverix understands the quality of analytics output is heavily dependent on the quality of the data input. We are proud to have been chosen as a key partner that will supply RNA-Seq data that fuels their clients’ discovery.

Key features of the Maverix RNA-Seq solution include: 1) Quality Optimization & Report for assessing, optimizing, & reporting on sequencing read quality; 2) Alignment Report providing alignment statistics and graphs; 3) Abundance Report providing quantification of expressed genes and transcripts; 4) Gene List providing a list of differentially expressed genes, with statistics and visualizations; 5) Maverix WAVES Genome Explorer utilizing the popular UCSC Genome Browser to display experimental data with public NGS data; 6) Other visualizations including Principal Component Analysis (PCA) charts and interactive gene expression heat maps; and 7) Data Exporter to easily export analyzed data for further downstream analysis.

We are pleased to offer Maverix WAVES RNA-Seq to scientists, enabling them with a professional NGS gene expression analysis solution that is powerful, yet simple to use, said Thomas Kent, President of Maverix.

Key benefits of the Maverix RNA-Seq solution include: 1) The industry’s gold standard for NGS data analysis, integrating best-in-class bioinformatics tools into the Maverix cloud-delivered platform, assuring researchers of the best accepted techniques for analyzing NGS data; 2) An end-to-end solution with a simple 3-step process – upload data, run analysis, and download results, where no hardware, no software, and no bioinformatics expertise are required; 3) 100% reproducible and reference-able analysis, where Maverix publishes the analysis protocol for each experiment so that scientists can reproduce their experiment at any time in the future; and 4) A proven solution that scientists can trust, with more than 50 customers, including Merck, Beckman Coulter, Gilead, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and Scripps Research Institute, that have relied on Maverix for NGS data analysis in research and clinical diagnostics settings.

Maverix WAVES Platform

Today, Maverix also announced that it has rebranded its analytics platform designed for researchers as the Maverix WAVES Platform. WAVES (Web-based Analysis of Variants & Expression Suite) highlights the company’s broadening suite of applications for NGS researchers that includes RNA-Seq Analysis and DNA Variant Analysis.

About Maverix Biomics

The Maverix cloud-delivered solution is the NGS end-to-end data analysis gold standard for life science researchers and healthcare providers. Maverix offerings generate scientifically accurate analysis reports for scientists requiring no hardware, software or bioinformatics expertise. Results are 100% reproducible using our published protocols and open source bioinformatics software components. With headquarters in Silicon Valley, more than 50 customers around the globe have relied on Maverix gold standard platform for NGS data analysis including Merck, Beckman Coulter, Cepheid, Gilead, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Scripps Research Institute, USDA, FDA, and the Mayo Clinic.

About Cofactor Genomics

Cofactor Genomics develops products and protocols to standardize RNA-seq. Founded by three former Human Genome Project molecular and data scientists, Cofactor is a research partner for nine of the world’s largest Pharma Companies. Together they are enabling the world’s top scientists to confidently use RNA-seq in their research. Cofactor’s offerings include their standardized RNA-seq offerings as well as FFPE and low-input products.

Source – Bio-IT World

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