Mindera raises over $12M to commercialize an RNA sequencing based skin test

Mindera Corporation today announced a $12.6M Series A-2 capital raise. The round was led by Mountain Group Partners, Rockmont Investments, and Scientific Health Development. The funding will be used to commercialize Mind.Px, a groundbreaking tool to prospectively predict patient response to expensive psoriasis biologics, as well as continue development of the Mindera Dermal Intelligence™ Platform.

The Mindera platform uses a simple patch that extracts biomarkers from the skin in minutes, allowing for rapid and painless extraction of RNA. Subsequent Next-Generation Sequencing of the extracted RNA allows Mindera scientists to take a genetic and transcriptomic snapshot of the skin at the exact moment of the test. In the case of Mind.Px, this rich patient-specific data is then analyzed by proprietary machine learning algorithms to predict the appropriate psoriasis biologic drug for a patient prior to therapeutic selection and treatment.

Mind.Px is a first-of-its-kind precision medicine dermatology solution that aligns patient, physician, and payer interests by predicting effective biologics for individuals, avoiding trial-and-error prescription behavior and wasted payer spending.

Source – PRNewswire

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