MinION – $1000 flash drive-sized sequencer is big news

Portable ultrafast genetic sequencer goes to market
MinION, a portable DNA sequencer that fits in a human palm and can gives the advantage of analysing samples by on-the-spot sequencing is …

MinION: $1,000 pocket-sized DNA sequencer successfully assembles living E.coli genome
International Business Times UK-Jun 17, 2015
Scientists from Canada and the UK have succeeded in sequencing and assembling the full genome of a living organism for the very first time …

MinION, a Pint-sized portable DNA sequencer
Biotechin.Asia-Jun 16, 2015
Advances in DNA sequencing technologies have marked the importance of DNA sequencing in the field of biology. DNA sequencing is used to determine the sequence…

Oxford Nanopore Releases Pricing for MinIon Flow Cells as Users Publish New Data, Applications
GenomeWeb-Jun 16, 2015
Oxford Nanopore Technologies released pricing information for the first time last week, for flow cells for its MinIon MkI sequencer, as the company opens its early-access program to larger numbers of users…

GameChanger: DNA Sequencer the Size of a Smartphone
Clapway-Jun 15, 2015
Researchers in Canada and the U.K. have sequenced and assembled de novo, the first full genome of a living organism using a DNA sequencer that can fit in your pocket. If when you hear the word ‘minion’ you think of those small yellow creatures in the upcoming computer-animated comedy film ‘Minions’, you will be surprised by what you read next…

DNA Sequencing Device That Can Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand Assembles First Full Genome Of A Living Organism
Headlines & Global News-Jun 16, 2015
Researchers have sequenced and assembled the full genome of a living organism using a genome sequencer that can fit in the palm of your hand. The Nanopore device, dubbed MinION, was used to sequence the genome of the bacteria Escherichia Coli…

Professors experiment with handheld DNA sequencer
Phys.Org-Jun 11, 2015
DNA sequencing is a process scientists use to understand the order of … In one run with the MinION, Brown averaged reads of 15,000 base …

DNA sequencing with a handheld device
Nanowerk-Jun 11, 2015
The device’s small size and relatively low cost could revolutionize when and where scientists perform certain biological studies…


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