MiPanda – A resource for analyzing and visualizing next-generation sequencing transcriptomics data

The Michigan Portal for the Analysis of NGS data portalis an open-access online resource that provides the scientific community with access to the results of a large-scale computational analysis of thousands of high-throughput RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) samples. The portal provides access to gene expression profiles, enabling users to interrogate expression of genes across myriad normal and cancer tissues and cell lines. From these data, tissue- and cancer-specific expression patterns can be identified. Gene-gene coexpression profiles can also be interrogated. The current portal contains data for over 20,000 RNA-seq samples and will be continually updated.

Examples of expression visualization


(A) Boxplot depiction of the expression for PCK1 (PEPCK) in a panel of normal tissues. Kidney, liver, and biliary are specifically indicated. (B) Expression profile of ERBB2 (HER2) across all MiPanda tissue types that have at least five samples for both cancer and normal categories. (C) Expression profile for FOLH1 (PSMA) across all MiPanda samples.

Availability – MiPanda is avaiable at: http://mipanda.org

Niknafs YS, Pandian B, Gajjar T, Gaudette Z, Wheelock K, Maz MP, Achar RK, Song M, Massaro C, Cao X, Chinnaiyan AM. (2018) MiPanda: A Resource for Analyzing and Visualizing Next-Generation Sequencing Transcriptomics Data. Neoplasia 20(11):1144-1149. [article]

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