miRFANs – an online database for Arabidopsis thaliana miRNA function annotations

mirfansmiRFANs, an online database for Arabidopsis thaliana miRNA function annotations. The creators integrated various type of datasets, including miRNA-target interactions, transcription factor (TF) and their targets, expression profiles, genomic annotations and pathways, into a comprehensive database, and developed various statistical and mining tools.

miRFANs consists of:

  1. Comprehensive collection of miRNA targets for Arabidopsis thaliana provides valuable information about the functions of plant miRNAs.
  2. Highly informative miRNA-mediated genetic regulatory network is extracted from our integrative database.
  3. Set of statistical and mining tools is equipped for analyzing and mining the database.
  4. User-friendly web interface is developed to facilitate the browsing and analysis of the collected data.

miRFANs is freely available at: http://www.cassava-genome.cn/mirfans

  • Liu H, Jin T, Liao R, Wan L, Xu B, Zhou S, Guan J. (2012) miRFANs: an integrated database for Arabidopsis thaliana microRNA function annotations. BMC Plant Biology [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]