Most Read Blog Posts – December 2014

Comparative evaluation of gene set analysis approaches for RNA-Seq data 1,472 Views
EDDA – Experimental Design in Differential Abundance Analysis 1,380 Views
Strategies for transcriptional splice variant detection 1,304 Views
The RNA-seqlopedia – an overview of RNA-seq and of the choices necessary to carry out a successful RNA-seq experiment 1,293 Views
Integrating transcriptome and genome sequencing 1,175 Views
Gene-Editing Guide 1,125 Views
edX Online Course – RNA-Seq Data Analysis 1,119 Views
RNA-Seq Accurately Identifies Cancer Biomarker Signatures to Distinguish Tissue of Origin 1,057 Views
Extensive Error in the Number of Genes Inferred from Draft Genome Assemblies 1,022 Views
Reliable RNA Analysis Now Easier with NIST ‘Dashboard’ Tool 963 Views
Comparisons of computational methods for differential alternative splicing detection using RNA-seq 943 Views
PANDORA – Systematic integration of RNA-Seq statistical algorithms 919 Views


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