Most Read Blog Posts – October 2014

A Comparison of Next Generation Sequencing Technologies for Transcriptome Assembly 1,502 Views
Analysis of the RNA content of the exosomes derived from blood serum and urine and its potential as biomarkers 1,471 Views
Choosing a next-generation sequencing pipeline 1,284 Views
How deep is enough in single-cell RNA-seq? 1,244 Views
The statistical universe is a single patient – pathway analysis from “N-of-1″ RNA-Seq data 1,242 Views
Rcount – simple and flexible RNA-Seq read counting 1,151 Views
RNA-seq Data – Challenges in and Recommendations for Experimental Design and Analysis 1,149 Views
PROPER – Comprehensive Power Evaluation for Differential Expression using RNA-seq 1,124 Views
A defining decade in DNA (and RNA) sequencing 1,080 Views
Computer-assisted annotation of small RNA transcriptomes 1,046 Views
BioVLAB-MMIA-NGS – MicroRNA-mRNA Integrated Analysis using High Throughput Sequencing Data 1,000 Views


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