Multiple Postdoctoral Fellowships – Gene Networks in CNS Development and Disorders


  • Employer – Vollum Institute
  • Website –
  • Location – Portland, OR, United States
  • Expires – June 30, 2015
  • Job type – Postdoctoral
  • Salary – $40,000 – $60,000
  • Qualifications – Postgraduate – Doctorate/PhD
  • Employment type – Contract
  • Job hours – Full-time

We are seeking one to three motivated postdoctoral candidates with strong background in biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology in the area of neurodevelopment. We are also seeking one postdoctoral candidate with strong background in bioinformatics and analysis of RNAseq and/or ChIPseq datasets.

Our goal is to understand processes governing generation of diverse neural cell-types and formation of neural circuits and how disruption of these processes leads to various CNS developmental disorders.

Our lab has been unraveling the important molecular and cellular mechanisms to generate cellular diversity in developing CNS. Using integrated experimental tools, including chick and mouse genetics and genome-wide RNAseq and ChIPseq studies, we wish to make pivotal contributions to the understanding of genetic and epigenetic regulatory networks underlying cell-fate specification and maturation in the developing spinal cord and forebrain. In particular, our current projects involve studies of development of spinal motor neurons, interneurons and oligodendrocytes as well as dissection of the molecular etiology underlying two neurodevelopmental disorders, FoxG1 syndrome and Kabuki syndrome.

For the wet biology positions, hands-on experience with epigenetics, mouse genetics as well as RNAseq/ChIPseq are a definite plus (but not a requirement). For the computational position, prior extensive experience with at least RNAseq analysis is required.

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