New Cancer Genomics Datasets -TCGA and More

Omicsoft Corporation, a leader in cancer genomics solutions, announces its latest Q2 OncoLand release, containing new TCGA data and ICGC data, and exciting features for search and analytics.

Omicsoft Corporation, an industry leader in cancer genomics, bioinformatics, and next generation sequencing storage and analysis, today announced their quarterly release of their OncoLand data service.

Large-scale cancer genomics data management has become increasingly important for pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research, as the scale and scope of projects have increased. Omicsoft Corporation provides a data service and storage oncology database platform, OncoLand, that focuses on management of both public and customer cancer datasets, including clinical, next generation sequencing, gene expression, copy number, protein, and methylation data.

OncoLand’s data service continues to rapidly expand, adding new samples from The Cancer Genome Project (TCGA), International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC), and more, in addition to powerful new search functionality and analytics. Omicsoft’s customer-oriented approach, in which datasets and features are added based on customer need, has led to the rapid adoption of the product as the premier bioinformatics genomics data solution. The latest release incorporates both more datasets and greater functionality in search, analytics, and visualization, including the ability to look at potential viruses (oncoviruses) contained within the RNA-Seq datasets.

“We started with a product that focused on housing the TCGA datasets, and found that our expertise in the area of genomic data storage and analysis really lent itself to processing as many of the large-scale cancer genomics projects as we could manage,” said Jack Liu, President of Omicsoft Corporation. “Our customers felt there was a huge need for products that focused on both data processing pipelines and curation of public domain data, and our OncoLand and ImmunoLand products serve to fill that gap.”

“There is a huge amount of publicly available data out there, and we found that our customers, while interested in the data, didn’t necessarily have the time or resources to process all of it themselves,” said Matt Newman, VP Business Development for Omicsoft Corporation. “OncoLand provides a resource to allow our bioinformatics customers to focus on consuming data, rather than data processing.”

About Omicsoft Corporation

Omicsoft Corporation is a biomarker data company, focusing on software and data services for pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research. Omicsoft has a team of experts from the fields of cancer, immunology, bioinformatics, and next generation sequencing, and uses that expertise to power its flagship enterprise software product, Array Suite, as well as its OncoLand and ImmunoLand data services. It’s goal is to provide software tools and data services to allow our customer to better focus on the science.

Source – PRWeb

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