New cloud computing platform A.I.R. (Artifical Intelligence RNAseq) is launched

Sequentia Biotech based at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) has launched the cloud computing platform A.I.R. (Artifical Intelligence RNAseq), the first bioinformatics prediction tool that automatically analyzes mass transcriptomic (ie, RNA or RNA) data from the genome of any species generated by Next Generation Sequencing , NGS), providing a complete report in less than 24 hours.

Transcriptomics studies the transcriptome, the set of ribonucleic acid molecules (RNA or RNA) that exist in a cell, tissue or organ, and that have a key role in the regulation of gene expression and important processes in biology cell phone. Transcripts are highly variable because they provide information on the entire set of genes that are being expressed under certain conditions at a given time and differ considerably from cell to cell.

The development of new transcriptome sequencing technologies, such as RNA-Seq, has allowed us to advance the knowledge of the dynamics of gene expression and its influence on the development of many biological processes. Transcripts of cancer cells, for example, can help understand the processes of carcinogenesis and stem cell processes, cell development and differentiation.

The innovation of A.I.R. Is that it is the first RNA-Seq data analysis platform in the world capable of solving three important obstacles in the field of genomics: the problem of computing (specifically data storage, automation of results, and duration of Analysis); The scientific problem generated by the technologies of New Generation Sequencing (interpretation and integration of data, besides offering new bioinformatic and statistical functions); And the social problem (the lack of simple tools available to researchers, who often have little bioinformatics).

With the launch of A.I.R, Sequentia Biotech makes available to the scientific community the possibility of automatically analyzing and comparing RNA samples and interpreting data in the same program, in a more thorough way than other existing methods. In addition, A.I.R. Is not limited to model organisms, but works for the genome sequencing of any species, currently using a database of 45,000 genomes.

The platform uses the latest published bioinformatics algorithms and methods, and is updated at the same time. In addition it is scalable, an unlimited number of users can connect without compromising the quality and speed of service, and any of them can upload their data from their own G-drive without having to connect to the cloud.

“A.I.R. Is the first SaaS (Disruptive Software as a Service) solution because, in addition to being designed with robust scientific methods, it is very fast and easy to use software: only three steps are required and the results can be obtained in 2 hours and even , Depending on the type and number of samples, the time can be reduced to 30 minutes. The cost of the analysis with A.I.R. Is 50 times smaller than other comparable methods in quality, and it is automatic, it is only necessary to upload the data and define the reference genome of the species, ie, it does not require specialized training; Any researcher who is not a bioinformatics expert can use it, “explains Walter Sanseverino, co-founder and CEO of Sequentia Biotech.

Sequentia has secured funding from the SME Instrument Phase – under the Horizon 2020 program – in the ‘Open Disruptive Innovation Scheme’ category for the A.I.R. project. This € 50,000 grant is intended for small and medium-sized European companies that invest in innovative projects with a great economic and social impact.

Sequentia officially presents to the scientific community this revolutionary platform at the Plant and Animal Genome XXV Conference (PAG) – which takes place from January 14 to 18 in San Diego, California (USA) – the largest agrogenomic and important meeting of the Which annually brings together more than 3,000 outstanding scientists and researchers from different areas of plant molecular biology and animal genetics.

Source – IM Medico

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