New Computational Biology Consulting Core at Johns Hopkins

Thrna-seqe Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is striving to become an exemplary model for biomedical research. An important goal is to offer core computational functions that will serve the data-intensive needs of investigators within the institution.

To facilitate that need, Dr. Steven Salzberg of the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the McKusick-Nathans Institute for Genetic Medicine, has created the Computational Biology Consulting Core. This new core, managed by Dr. Liliana Florea, will offer state-of-the-art computational biology services by highly trained computational analysts to biomedical researchers at the Johns Hopkins University.

“The Computational Biology Consulting Core program will make it possible for even the smallest lab to run sophisticated genome analysis on high-performance computers, without having to hire and train computational analysts or having to purchase specialized computing hardware,” stated Dr. Salzberg.

Services include comprehensive analyses of sequencing data for a variety of genomics and other sequencing-based experiments including (but are not limited to) computational analysis of transcriptome sequencing (RNA-seq); analysis of exome sequencing data; computational analysis of ChIP-seq and Methyl-seq data; assembly and analysis of whole genome sequencing data; and analysis of microbiome sequencing studies. Custom software projects are also possible.

Learn more by visiting the Computational Biology Consulting Core website or contact program manager Dr. Liliana Florea for more information.