New RNA-Seq Library Prep Kits for Ion Torrent and SOLiD Sequencing

Lexogen has upgraded product portfolio for RNA-Seq

AT247329Vienna, Austria – Lexogen has launched SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit and SENSE mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kits for Ion Torrent and SOLiD sequencing. SENSE has exceptional strand-specificity (>99.9%) and therefore enables excellent detection and accurate quantification of antisense transcripts and overlapping genes. The very short and simple workflow allows producing ready-to-sequence libraries from low amounts of total RNA within just 4 hours. Because SENSE does not require fragmentation and has just few steps, potential biases usually present in multistep protocols are eliminated, thus providing high reproducibility of the protocol. SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit for isolation of either 24 small (< 150 nt) and 24 large (> 150 nt) RNA fractions or 48 fractions of total RNA is ideal for seamlessly preparing libraries for Next Generation Sequencing. The protocol does not require DNase treatment. The isolated RNA sample has very high quality, particularly RIN score of 8.0-9.5, no genomic DNA contamination, and no degraded RNA due to DNase treatment.

About Lexogen

Lexogen is a privately held biotech start-up with unique proprietary expression profiling technologies that enable detailed sequencing of the complete transcriptome as well as individual full length RNAs of interest. Lexogen was founded in 2007 and is based at the Campus Vienna Biocenter in Austria. For more information, please consult Lexogen’s website at


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