Next-Gen Sequencing Conferences this Week

CHI’s 3rd Annual RNA-Sequencing conference is only weeks away but there is still time to register and reserve your place.

RNA-Sequencing : Differential Expression in Depth conference is part of the 4th annual  X-Gen Congress & Expo 2013
(, March 18-20 in San Diego, CA.

X-Gen Congress is comprised of three scientific conferences
focused on RNA-Sequencing, DNA-Sequencing and Genomic Data Analysis. Your registration allows access to all three conferences.

6th international qPCR & Next Generation Sequencing Event
Symposium  &  Industrial Exhibition  &  Application Workshops
18th – 22 March 2013, Technical University of Munich,  Freising, Weihenstephan,  Germany
Main topic:  Next Generation Thinking in Molecular Diagnostics