Next-Gen Sequencing Technology Press

Illumina Acquires Epicentre Biotechnologies, Leading Provider of Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation Reagents and Specialty Enzymes
Combination Enhances Illumina’s Sample Preparation and Enzyme Portfolio

1/11/11 07:30 PM  SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ:ILMN) today announced that it has acquired Epicentre Biotechnologies, a leading provider of nucleic acid sample preparation reagents and specialty enzymes used in sequencing and microarray applications. A key component of the acquisition is direct access to Epicentre’s proprietary Nextera™ technology for next-generation sequencing library preparation, which greatly simplifies genetic analysis workflows and reduces time from sample preparation to answer. (read the entire release… )

Illumina Announces MiSeq™ Personal Sequencing System
Delivers Next-Generation Sequencing to Individual Researchers

1/11/11 07:20 PM  SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ:ILMN) today announced MiSeq™, a low-cost personal sequencing system that provides individual researchers a platform with rapid turnaround time, unmatched accuracy, and radically improved ease of use. Leveraging the company’s TruSeq™ sequencing chemistry, the system’s revolutionary workflow offers the flexibility to go from purified DNA to analyzed data in as few as eight hours, or to generate in excess of 1 gigabase per run in slightly over a day. Expected to be priced under $125,000 with individual run prices ranging from $400-$750, MiSeq will be the most affordable next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform available. (read the entire release… )

Life Technologies Makes DNA Sequencing More Accessible to Laboratories of All Sizes Around the World
New Innovations Lower Costs and Simplify Workflows

1/11/11 07:30 AM  CARLSBAD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Life Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: LIFE) today announced a series of new product innovations across the company’s DNA sequencing portfolio. To date, most sequencing technologies have primarily addressed the needs of researchers in the highest throughput laboratories, limiting widespread accessibility of these powerful next-generation sequencing technologies. As a pioneer of DNA sequencing, Life Technologies continues to enable researchers in any size laboratory to access applications that meet their specific technical and financial research requirements. As a result of these innovations, researchers now have greater flexibility from their sequencing platforms, a more simplified sample preparation, increased data throughput and expedited data analysis. (read the entire release… )