NGS training program – Intro, Data analysis for newbies, Variant Calling, Transcriptome assembly and more…


Next-Generation Sequencing – Introduction


The aim of the course is to help you gain a basic orientation in technologies, principles, concepts and possibilities of using Next-Generation sequencing (NGS). Emphasis is placed on mastering the ability of independent effective planning of NGS experiments and basic evaluation of results. We will discuss the whole topic comprehensively from A to Z in context.

  • 21-22 Sep 2020, Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC
  • 23-24 Nov 2020, Warsaw, POLAND

Next-Generation sequencing data analysis – Bioinformatics workshop for beginners


You will get acquainted with various formats of NGS data, you will learn about specific advantages and disadvantages of used sequencing technologies and how to deal with them, and you will understand the background of individual processes used to modify NGS data. After this three-day workshop, you will not become a bioinformatician, but you will be well on your way to becoming a qualified partner for bioinformaticians in your team.

  • 23-25 Sep 2020, Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC
  • 25-27 Nov 2020, Warsaw, POLAND

Variant calling and annotation – Bioinformatics workshop


Detection and identification – so-called variant calling in sequencing data is in principle a simple matter, which in practice is far from simple and the distinction between real variant (mutation) and experimental error requires sophisticated computational and / or heuristic techniques. In our workshop you will learn exactly these procedures.

  • 6 Oct 2020, ON LINE event

Transcriptome assembly – Bioinformatics workshop


Assembly of the transcriptome based on RNASeq data is a powerful tool for detecting changes in gene expression. However, the ability to perform such analyzes accurately depends crucially on the quality of the assembly. Our workshop is focused on bioinformatics processing of RNA-Seq data and transcriptome assembly. We will guide you through data quality control, filtering, efficient and accurate correction of sequencing errors, assembly of the transcriptome and its evaluation.

  • 7 Oct 2020, ON LINE event

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