NIH Announces Funding Opportunities for Novel Genomic Technology Development

from GenomeWeb – The National Institutes of Health announced four new funding opportunities to support the development of innovative genomic technologies across a broad range of research areas including single-cell genomics, sample preparation, transcriptomics and epigenomics, and genome-wide functional analysis.

The money will be made available under the NIH’s standard research and exploratory/developmental research mechanisms, as well as in the form of Small Business Innovation Research grants.

The agency noted that DNA and direct RNA sequencing technologies are excluded from the latest funding opportunities and are instead eligible for a separate grant program announced in August.

Examples of appropriate areas of research include the analysis of DNA, RNA, epigenome, and transcriptome data from the same biological sample; technologies for high-throughput genome modification; and measurement of proximal transcription dynamics, as well as transcription dynamics over time and from cells to organs.

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