NuGEN Technologies Announces Launch of Fusion Data Analysis Application, Enabling Simplified Fusion Detection and Discovery

NuGEN Technologies, Inc. today announced the availability of the Ovation Fusion Detection application, providing a data analysis tool for the Ovation Fusion Target Enrichment System V2 that enables a complete sample-to-analysis workflow for fusion discovery and detection.

The Ovation Fusion Panel Target Enrichment System V2 allows the comprehensive interrogation of multiple, specific genes for RNA sequencing, significantly simplifying fusion detection when compared with standard RNA sequencing approaches. Sequence data generated from this targeted enrichment technology can then be analyzed using the application on the BaseSpace cloud or as a local Linux installation.

Structural chromosome rearrangements resulting in fusion genes are implicated in all types of human cancer, making the discovery and detection of these fusions valuable for both diagnostic and prognostic purposes.

“The Ovation Fusion Detection BaseSpace Application in conjunction with NuGEN’s comprehensive fusion panel provides a simple start to finish workflow,” said Brandon Young, Director at Avera Cancer Institute for Precision Oncology Genomics Laboratory. “This solution helps us to not only identify clinically actionable fusions but also to perform basic research to study how other fusions may be relevant to cancer progression and prognosis in a single assay.”

“A lung adenocarcinoma tumor that was determined to have an ALK rearrangement by clinical SNaPshot Genotyping (multiplex PCR assay) was grown as a patient-derived xenograft model. Using NuGEN’s fusion detection workflow, the tumor was confirmed to have an EML4-ALK fusion after two passages in mice,” said Laura Saunders, PhD, Associate Director of Molecular Biology at AbbVie Stemcentrx.

NuGEN’s products offer rapid and simple workflows for a broad range of next generation DNA and RNA sequencing applications, enabling highly sensitive detection of variants and expression levels from tissues, single cells and liquid biopsies. NuGEN’s products are used by thousands of scientists worldwide and have been cited in over 2,000 peer-reviewed publications.

Source – BusinessWire

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