omiRas – A MicroRNA-Seq Data Analysis Pipeline

To identify circulating miRNA biomarkers for AD, researchers from Meiji Pharmaceutical University, Japan reanalyzed a publicly available small RNA-Seq dataset, composed of blood samples derived from 48 AD patients and 22 normal control (NC) subjects, by a simple web-based miRNA data analysis pipeline that combines omiRas and DIANA miRPath.

By using omiRas, they identified 27 miRNAs expressed differentially between both groups. DIANA miRPath indicated that miRNA-regulated pathways potentially downregulated in AD are linked with neuronal synaptic functions, while those upregulated in AD are implicated in cell survival and cellular communication.

rna-seqHCA of 27 miRNA s differentially expressed in blood of AD and NC. miRNA -Seq dataset of blood samples derived from 48 AD patients and 22 NC subjects was analyzed on omiRas.

The simple web-based miRNA data analysis pipeline helps to effortlessly identify candidates for miRNA biomarkers and pathways of AD from the complex small RNA-Seq data.

Availability – the omiRas web server is available at:

Satoh J, Kino Y, Niida S. (2015) MicroRNA-Seq Data Analysis Pipeline to Identify Blood Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease from Public Data. Biomark Insights 10:21-31. [abstract]

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