OnRamp BioInformatics partners with Science Exchange to provide RNA-Seq & other analysis services

Science Exchange, the world’s leading and most secure enterprise platform for outsourced research and development (R&D) services, announced the partnership with OnRamp BioInformatics, Inc. (OnRamp.Bio) to offer industry-leading BioInformatics services and tools to scientists around the globe.

Genomics big data and complex software analyses have historically required highly trained PhDs in Bioinformatics using complicated command-line tools. OnRamp.Bio’s intuitive user interface, automated analyses and robust data management make it faster and easier for scientists, biologists, clinicians and other medical professionals to obtain interpretations of genomic data without the complexity of traditional deployments.

“IT and software complexity has stood in the way of progress for far too long. We’ve combined our deep knowledge of IT, software development and biology to provide intuitive, integrated systems and services that accelerate the mainstream adoption of NGS analyses within research, biotech and pharma,” said Tim Wesselman, CEO of OnRamp.Bio. “Genomic data is the currency of future medicine; there is nothing mankind has that is more valuable and we are excited to be working with Science Exchange to offer our support to researchers far and wide.”

OnRamp.Bio is a San Diego-based CRO and a leading provider of interactive genomic analysis. The company’s mission is to empower researchers, biologists and scientists with genomic answers and insights that they can understand and put to action. OnRamp.Bio has recently launched a new software-as-a-service for RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq analysis, to meet the needs of researchers needing assistance in making decisions based on the large data sets yielded by these types of RNA and Epigenetic experiments.

“We are excited to partner with OnRamp.Bio to provide the fastest path to interactive genomic analysis to scientists worldwide,” said Elizabeth Iorns, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Science Exchange. “Science Exchange is committed to adding the most innovative and qualified service providers to our platform, so scientists have the services they need securely and readily available to aid their discoveries. OnRamp.Bio met our rigorous standards for quality and compliance while demonstrating breakthrough discoveries in the field of genomics.”

About OnRamp BioInformatics, Inc.
OnRamp.Bio is a genomics software company providing bioinformatics analysis software and services, with cost-effective data management platforms for the computing and storage of genomic datasets. To learn more, visit their website www.onramp.bio or follow the company on Twitter @OnRampBio

Source – BusinessWire

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