PacBio launches two new sequencers to address both long and short read applications

Revio is a revolutionary new long read sequencing system designed to provide 15 times more HiFi data and human genomes at scale for under $1,000. Significant advances in SMRT cell design, compute, and a new system architecture will enable Revio to dramatically increase throughput and lower cost while leveraging the power of HiFi for exceptional accuracy and direct methylation detection.

“Our customers have transformed genomics with the power of HiFi sequencing. Revio will further unleash that power by adding high throughput and affordability,” said Christian Henry, President and Chief Executive Officer of PacBio. “We’ve designed an entirely new SMRT Cell with three-fold higher density than our existing SMRT Cell 8M, resulting in 25 million ZMWs. Revio will run up to four SMRT Cells in parallel, which provides up to 100 million ZMWs for sequencing single molecules simultaneously. Combined with significant advances in our compute, Revio will deliver shorter run times and a 15-fold increase in HiFi data. I’m excited to see what researchers can discover using the power of Revio.”

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Onso is a highly accurate short-read sequencing platform. The Onso sequencing system is designed to deliver industry-leading sensitivity and specificity for novel insights in oncology and disease research.

“We are excited to see how researchers will leverage the ground-breaking sequencing accuracy that we expect Onso to deliver. Upon the launch, we expect to become the only company that we know of to offer both highly accurate, native short- and long-read sequencing technologies, which will enable us to offer more complete solutions to our customers’ challenges,” said Christian Henry, President and Chief Executive Officer of PacBio. “Onso is designed to deliver highly accurate sequencing reads, support scalable, flexible, and cost-optimized operation, and enable customers to feel more confident in their science. This system is designed to be a game changer for the genomics industry, and we’re excited to begin shipping beta systems to our beta partners.”

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