PacBio to Expand MAS-Seq Technology to 16S rRNA and Bulk RNA-Seq Solutions

End-to-End Solutions Planned to Support Key Customer Applications With Increased Cost Flexibility on Long-Read Sequencing Systems

PacBio a leading developer of high-quality, highly accurate sequencing solutions, today announced the commencement of a program intended to expand Multiplexed Arrays Sequencing (MAS-Seq) for new assays on the Sequel II/IIe and Revio™ sequencing systems. This program builds on the successful MAS-Seq concatenation technology launched last year that enabled cost-effective single-cell isoform sequencing.

The MAS-Seq technology concatenates multiple shorter fragments which are then read on the system as one long HiFi read. This extends the effective throughput by up to 16-fold, where the throughput increase factor is determined by the size of the short fragment. We believe that extending MAS-Seq technology to key applications such as bulk RNA sequencing and 16S rRNA will provide customers with cost-effective kitted solutions and end-to-end software.

“Since our October announcement of the first MAS-Seq based kit, the customer demand has been extremely encouraging, to the point that customers have been asking us to expand the technology to their favorite application,” said Christian Henry, President and Chief Executive Officer at PacBio. “We believe applying MAS-Seq technology to these applications will help deepen our understanding of biology. In RNA sequencing studies, for example, MAS-Seq will help shift the field to true transcriptomics research. We are tremendously excited to build on the momentum of MAS-Seq to open new opportunities in Bulk RNA-Seq and 16S rRNA studies for our customers.”

“We are excited that PacBio is addressing the unmet need for more cost-effective full-length RNA sequencing,” said Jeremy Schmutz, Ph.D., co-director of the HudsonAlpha Genome Sequencing Center. “HudsonAlpha uses PacBio’s Iso-Seq method (full-length RNA sequencing) for improved genome annotations and functional research. The new MAS-Seq kits for bulk Iso-Seq, combined with the expected increase in Revio’s throughput, will enable cutting edge research in human, plant and animal genomics.”

PacBio intends to launch this first expanded series of MAS-Seq kits in the second half of 2023. PacBio plans to share early data and a technical overview to interested parties at this week’s Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) General Meeting taking place February 6-9, 2023 in Hollywood, FL.

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