Oxford Gene Technologies

Oxford Gene Technologies – A high-quality RNA sequencing service designed to deliver cost-effective and rapid access to meaningful transcriptomics results. http://www.ogt.co.uk/services/737_rna-seq_service  

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LC Sciences

LC Sciences – provides a one-stop solution for all your microRNA (miRNA) discovery and expression profiling needs.  High-throughput sequencing is now available in addition to existing microarray and qRT-PCR profiling ...

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SevenBridges Genomics

SevenBridges Genomics – RNA-Seq with IGOR – A fully connected toolkit – Focus on your research. Get results faster. Build discovery pipelines from a large and fast growing arsenal of ...

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Expression Analysis

Expression Analysis – mRNA-Seq is a cDNA sequencing application that generates a more comprehensive, quantitative view of the mRNA portion of the transcriptome. With no probes or primer design needed, ...

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Advanced Analytical

Advanced Analytical – The Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System provides an RQN measurement to assist with RNA analysis. RQN stands for RNA Quality Number. Derived from PROSize® analytical software, RQN ...

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Otogenetics – Otogenetics offers complete RNA-Seq services at a price that is competitive to microarrary approaches.  We use RNA-Seq protocols that are extensively validated by Illumina’s R&D team, which is ...

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