Fluidigm – The C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep System is a new approach to single-cell genomic applications, including targeted gene expression and the new mRNA sequencing protocol for transcriptome analysis of ...

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Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies – Agilent’s SureSelect market leading platform provides a complete portfolio of catalog and custom products, providing the flexibility you need, for your discovery to follow-up studies. New HaloPlex ...

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Epicentre (an Illumina company)

 – The Ribo-Zero™ Magnetic Gold Kit (Epidemiology) combines Epicentre’s Ribo-Zero™ Gold (Human/Mouse/Rat) and Ribo-Zero™ (Bacteria) rRNA removal reagents into a single solution that effectively removes rRNA, including human mitochondrial RNA, ...

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NuGEN Technologies

NuGEN Technologies – The Ovation Ultralow Methyl-Seq Library Systems provide a simple, fast and scalable solution for producing libraries used in conjunction with bisulfite sequencing to analyze DNA methylation. The ...

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Kapa Biosystems

Depending on the enrichment or depletion strategy, RNA-Seq can be used to evaluate different populations of RNA, including total RNA, non-coding RNA (e.g microRNA, lncRNA, etc.) and mRNA. KAPA Stranded ...

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Lexogen – The SENSE mRNA-Seq kit is an all-in-one library preparation protocol designed to generate Illumina-compatible libraries from total RNA within 4 hours. The SENSE protocol maintains strand-specificity and allows ...

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