Parse Biosciences Unveils 1,000,000 Cell scRNA-seq Kit

The Evercode Whole Transcriptome Mega represents the most scalable and highest resolution single-cell platform to date

Parse Biosciences, a company providing researchers with single-cell sequencing solutions, has announced the launch of the most scalable single-cell RNA-seq solution on the market.

The Evercode Whole Transcriptome Mega allows researchers to profile up to 1,000,000 cells in parallel, allowing for unprecedented scale without losing biological resolution or data quality, and without the need for a custom instrument.

“Our one million cell solution represents the next evolution for single-cell sequencing,” said Alex Rosenberg, PhD., CEO and co-founder of Parse Biosciences. “Our kit’s new capabilities allow researchers to unlock a scale and a level of biological resolution never before thought possible. No other platform gives researchers this level of scale or usable data.”

Parse’s newest product addition is based on the same split-pool combinatorial barcoding technology as its 100,000 cell kit previously launched in February 2021, now called the Evercode Whole Transcriptome Kit. By using this unique approach to barcoding cells, Parse is able to bring single cell sequencing to the million-cell scale and offer high levels of sensitivity and gene detection.

Researchers can benefit from the Evercode WTK Mega’s unique capabilities, including:

  • Unprecedented scalability – Up to 96 unique biological samples and 1,000,000 cells or nuclei in a single experiment.
  • Increased sensitivity – Parse’s platform demonstrates high transcript detection even in cells with low RNA content.
  • Increased resolution – A lower doublet rate than anything else on the market (observed doublets of 3.2% for 1M cells). Researchers can trust the data is true single cell data.
  • Simplified workflow – By separating the sample extraction from downstream library preparation, Parse empowers researchers to run fixed samples collected on different dates or at different locations together in a single experiment.
  • Easy to get started – Researchers can bypass the need for expensive and complicated microfluidic instruments to get started quickly. There are no maintenance fees or custom instruments required.

Simultaneously, Parse is also announcing the launch of the Evercode Whole Transcriptome Mini, empowering researchers to launch smaller-scale studies where they can profile 10,000 cells in parallel at an affordable price point.

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Source – BusinessWire

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