PcircRNA_finder – circRNA prediction in plants

Recent studies reveal an important role of non-coding circular RNA (circRNA) in the control of cellular processes. Because of differences in the organization of plant and mammal genomes, the sensitivity and accuracy of circRNA prediction programs using algorithms developed for animals and humans perform poorly for plants.

A circRNA prediction software for plants (termed PcircRNA_finder) was developed that is more sensitive in detecting circRNAs than other frequently used programs (such as find_circ and CIRCexplorer), Based on analysis of simulated and real rRNA-/RNAase R RNA-Seq data from Arabidopsis thaliana and rice PcircRNA_finder provides a more comprehensive sensitive, precise prediction method for plants circRNAs.


The flowchart of PcircRNA_finder for circRNA prediction. It consists of three modules (stages).



Chen L, Yu Y, Zhang X, Liu C, Ye C, Fan L. (2016) PcircRNA_finder: a software for circRNA prediction in plants. Bioinformatics [Epub ahead of print]. [article]

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