PhD Position Available – Bioinformatics

rna-seqEmployer – OncoImmunity
Location – Oslo Cancer Cluster, Ullernchauseen 64, Oslo, Norway
Posted – 2 days ago
Expires – May 01, 2016
Job type – PhD Studentship
Salary – $45,000 – $55,000
Qualifications – Postgraduate – Master’s degree
Employment type – Permanent
Job hours – Full-time

Company description
OncoImmunity AS is a Norwegian startup developing bioinformatics software to empower precision cancer immunotherapy. We develop machine-learning methods applied to genomics data for immune profiling in personalized cancer medicine. Our flagship software product predicts patients response to cancer immunotherapy. The company is located in the dynamic Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park, which is home to a synergistic ecosystem of organizations that include the Cancer Registry of Norway, the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator, the Institute for Medical Informatics and Pathology and a mix of local biotech and global pharma companies

Position overview
The PhD opportunity will be carried out at OncoImmunity resulting in a PhD awarded through the University of Oslo. The candidate will have academic mentors and supervisors at the University of Oslo, in addition to main supervisors in the OncoImmunity development and scientific team. This PhD position involves the research and development of novel machine learning algorithms to identify immunogenic mutations from patient genomes. The candidates background should be in machine-learning, big data and statistics. The ideal candidate will have a background in the analysis of cancer next generation sequencing (NGS) and research interests in developing novel methods that will allow for discoveries at the interplay between cancer and immunology, in order to identify improved personalized cancer immunotherapy.

Required experience
We are looking for applicants who have an MSc degree in bioinformatics, statistics, computational biology, computer science, or applied mathematics.

Roles and responsibilities
Apply machine-learning and statistical methods to NGS and associated proteomics information
Excellent communication skills, and capable of providing clear visualization of data and results
Experience in computer programming with strong familiarity with languages and technologies needed for statistical data analysis and machine-learning (Python, R, etc)
Develop and implement pipelines for NGS data analysis
Work closely in a scientific team developing a software solution, which relies on statistical analysis and machine-learning from next generation sequencing (NGS) of DNA.
Work with other developers, the software development manager, CEO and the CSO, to develop key machine-learning and statistical methodology in the software solution.
Passion to build an innovative software solution which will benefit cancer patients by empowering the development of ground-breaking immunotherapies.

Cover letter
Documentation of a relevant completed M.Sc. or equivalent degree.
Course and grade list of bachelor and/or master degrees…

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